Monday, April 6, 2009

Starting with a Place

Saaa... as they say in Japan when they mean "hmmm..." How do you start writing a novel?

I knew mine would have Okinawa for a setting, but Okinawa is a pretty big island with a lot to offer. Every island--even Antarctica--has sea and scenery, so what does Okinawa have that other islands don't? Short answer: it's own kind of people.

* You know you're in Okinawa when you hear someone play a sanshin.
* You know you're in Okinawa when you see the exotic seafood in the central market. In Okinawa, fishermen and "men of the sea" are heroes.
* You know you're in Okinawa when a taxi driver offers you a full day tour, a half day tour, a ride around the block.

For starters, I decided to match up my main character with an Okinawa taxi driver and put them on the road to Katsuren.

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