Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How to Write your Novel (2)

Ya gotta have heart! The human heart (some might call it soul) is a one size fits all kind of gadget--it can stretch or shrink, according to the demands we make on it.

Two years ago, when I was facing painful and complicated surgery, my heart (soul) was in danger of shrinking to the size of a dried up pea, or maybe even smaller. It had room for only one thought: survival.

Then I asked myself, if survival were a given, then what? What would I most like to do?

Take a moment. Ask yourself the same question. Are you answering, I really want to wash more dishes and vacuum more floors, ride the commuter train more hours and spend more downtime playing internet solitaire?

I didn't think so. Neither did I.

That's when I really made up my mind to finish my novel and publish it. When you ask a lot of yourself, it's amazing how you can find the heart to accomplish it.

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