Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oboy, this is fun!

The best thing about finishing a novel is simply that--finishing the manuscript.

The next best thing is when someone reads it and tells you they stayed up late, reading by flashlight, to finish it without waking up the sleeping hubbie.

What's next best after that?

The publisher sends you a sales report. Yes! Sales! Katsuren has been on sale through Amazon since mid-April, and I just got the first month's sales report.

In these very trying economic times, readers are parting with hard earned money to buy a mini-vacation in beautiful Okinawa where they can hang out with Dr. Tomori, Yu Ganaha, Big Kiichiro Sagara, and my plucky heroine Karen Holt.

Thank you!

PS: Because of your support I will be able to donate $50 so far to the NPO supporting Yonaguni underwater exploration.

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